Meaning of westwardly in English:



See westward

  • ‘The first appearance of Vernedia in lower Cenomanian rocks of Oregon implies that the genus migrated westwardly across the Pacific into the Old World Tethyan province.’
  • ‘He did not recommend driving westwardly as it was feared a large volume of water would be tapped.’
  • ‘Thence proceeding westwardly along the south bank of the Cornwallis River to the point of commencement.’
  • ‘The weather near a continental arid zone is modified by increasing the heat storage of the seas westwardly of the arid zone during the summer.’
  • ‘The decree of the court declares the claim to be valid, to a square of four miles of land on a creek, issuing from the north head of Indian river, westwardly, and running to the north-west.’