Meaning of wet bar in English:

wet bar


North American
  • A bar or counter in the home for serving alcoholic drinks.

    • ‘Cedalia retrieves a glass of freshly poured brandy from the mobile wet bar.’
    • ‘Jacques was standing at the wet bar in the corner, mixing a drink.’
    • ‘Mike went over to the wet bar and grabbed both of us a beer.’
    • ‘Trent hopped off of the bed and went over to the wet bar, making himself a mimosa that was very heavy on the Cristal.’
    • ‘Four luxury suites - with gas fireplaces, DVD players, and wet bars - will be on deck four, priced at $600 to $800 per night.’
    • ‘Slick real estate magazines feature $1.25 million 6,510-square-foot homes with media rooms and wet bars.’
    • ‘The sunken wet bar was stocked with 20-year old Italian red wines and expensive cognacs, brandies and Scotch whiskeys.’
    • ‘Placing the wet bar within the study made sense, but forcing guests to trek around the staircase, past the front door, and down a short hallway to refresh their drinks seemed inconvenient.’
    • ‘Over there is the pool house, complete with a shower room, bathrooms, a powder room and a social suite upstairs with a wet bar.’
    • ‘Now Davis and Phelps are trying to buy a luxury box at the Staples Center so they can watch Lakers games within arm's reach of a wet bar.’
    • ‘This here's my plasma screen, that's my chill-out room over by the wet bar, and the jacuzzi's in the back.’
    • ‘All we want is a new kitchen, a new wet bar, and some minor landscaping.’
    • ‘Around the corner from the fireplace is the wet bar, which also features hardwood built-ins.’
    • ‘A wet bar topped by transparent cabinets enables the kitchen to function as part of the family room.’
    • ‘He walked over to the wall switch and flipped on the lights, then went to the wet bar and peered at the selection.’
    • ‘I seethed inside and made my way over to the wet bar as Thomson and Dale left me behind.’
    • ‘There was a wet bar and the pool had cobblestones at the bottom and was crystal blue.’
    • ‘The rooms are big and well equipped (microwave, wet bar, broadband, squishy comfy bed, robes and so on) and the prices are usually low enough to fit the expense guidelines.’
    • ‘Also popular is our 12-foot, square design which can be made to incorporate a barbecue pit, wet bar, screened walls and more.’
    • ‘But it is dangerous to assume that a flashy resort with a swimming pool, wet bar and luxury dive boat also has a recompression chamber.’