Meaning of wet dock in English:

wet dock



  • A dock in which water is maintained at a level at which a ship is able to float.

    ‘The marina will have a wet dock and gallery with equipment and machines to carry out repair works.’
    • ‘Lexden Restorations plans to spend more than £300,000 restoring the wet dock and jetty at the site.’
    • ‘In Penzance try the Dolphin Inn on the wet dock, which has been used by mariners for more than 500 years.’
    • ‘In response - and true to the third stage of Anyport - the trustees approved the excavation of a wet dock, the first on the Cumberland coast, which opened in 1857.’
    • ‘The first wet dock in Britain was built in Liverpool in 1715.’
    • ‘Able UK does not have planning permission to build a dry dock to dispose of these boats, and it won't be allowed to deal with them in a wet dock.’
    • ‘In 1715 Liverpool opened the world's first commercial enclosed wet dock, recorded as being 195 yards long by 85-95 yards wide.’