Meaning of wet dream in English:

wet dream


  • 1An erotic dream that causes involuntary ejaculation of semen.

    • ‘As far as I can tell/recall, part of this is popular superstition - quack medicines exist to prevent the loss of semen through wet dreams as this is attributed to a loss of health and vitality.’
    • ‘Boys sometimes have wet dreams, which means they ejaculate in their sleep.’
    • ‘When you think about it, crushing on a goofy cartoon kid was ten times less embarrassing than having wet dreams about this guy.’
    • ‘I don't like it, but unlike you, I don't get paid to air my wet dreams in public.’
    • ‘Please, God, let him be ready to move back into his own bed before the wet dreams start.’
    emission of semen
    1. 1.1informal Something especially appealing to a particular type of person.
      ‘the kitchen is a gourmet chef's wet dream’
      ‘Thailand is the ultimate backpacker's wet dream’
      • ‘Where all your copyright wet dreams come true and piracy doesn't exist.’
      • ‘Paris, Je T'Aime is a francophile's wet dream.’
      • ‘It must be an actor's wet dream to play an egomaniac.’
      • ‘This sheep is either a farmboy's wet dream or his worst nightmare.’
      • ‘There's no language that's better than any other, and Quebec French is totally unique in the entire world—a linguist's wet dream with its array of bizarre slang and archaic expressions.’
      • ‘This album sounds like the wet dream of a mid-90s college radio DJ.’
      • ‘It's a yuppie's wet dream of fancy houses, high-paying glamorous jobs and nice furniture.’
      • ‘‘Capitalism,’ sings Ani DiFranco, ‘is the devil's wet dream.’’
      • ‘The Minneapolis-St. Paul City Pages called the book ‘a rock lover's wet dream set to type’.’
      • ‘The result of a lifetime of assimilated pop culture, the Matrix trilogy is every geek's wet dream.’
      • ‘This is mock example.’


wet dream

/wɛt ˈdriːm/