Meaning of wet lease in English:

wet lease

(also wet-lease)


  • An arrangement covering the hire of an aircraft including the provision of a flight crew and sometimes fuel.

    • ‘It started by operating Fokker 100 aircraft on wet leases and on charter operations in various countries.’
    • ‘The wet lease, which will include the aircraft, flight crew and maintenance services, will initially last for three months.’
    • ‘A-I's 28 new aircraft will replace 11 Airbus 310s and three Boeing 747-200s taken on wet lease.’
    • ‘Whether we buy, dry or wet lease is something we're beginning to look at.’


  • with object Hire (an aircraft) on the basis of a wet lease.

    • ‘Dutch cabin crews from KLM and Martinair told their management that they would not work if BA tried to wet-lease an aircraft from a Dutch carrier.’
    • ‘While Capital Airlines had been successful at wet-leasing its obsolescent aircraft to corporations during the mid-1950s, its own operations and finances during that same period were turbulent.’
    • ‘Occitania has suffered a more serious dip - around 30 percent - in demand for incentive travel, product launch trips and airline wet-lease operations using its Beech 1900 and Fokker F - 100.’
    • ‘The fast ferry the Lynx, which is being wet-leased on a temporary basis, arrives at the Port of Port-of-Spain yesterday.’
    • ‘She stressed the point that the aircraft was not a BWIA plane and they usually wet-leased the services of other companies.’
    • ‘Clovis said Tobago Express could provide a better option to deal with additional passengers than the 64-66 seat ATR - 72 aircraft the Government wet-leased from Denmark-based Cimba Air last year.’
    • ‘The Lynx is being wet-leased for US $22,000 a day, while the Cat was wet-leased at a cost of US $23,800 a day from US-based Bay Ferries.’
    • ‘Last year BRAL carried slightly more than 2.5 million passengers, while just over one million traveled with Brymon (excluding wet-lease and charter activity in the latter case).’