Meaning of wet look in English:

wet look


  • A wet or shiny appearance given to a fabric or achieved by applying a type of gel to the hair.

    as modifier ‘her hair was spiky with wet-look gel’
    • ‘This style can be recreated by using a wet-look gel and finger picking the hair into place.’
    • ‘But sticky, semi-transparent or slightly-coloured wet-look gloss, making each mouth look dripping and wet and, basically, ready for anything.’
    • ‘Mini-skirts, stilettos, see-through tops, wet-look and boots have become indispensable fashion accessories.’
    • ‘Use it on damp hair if you want a wet look and on dry hair for a more natural style.’
    • ‘For a wet look without any stiffness, Mont Source Forming Gel is the product of choice.’
    • ‘He looked better than I had ever seen him in a black tux and some gel in his hair, giving it an almost wet look.’
    • ‘My hair was fixed with a wet look style - which as Rach said ‘suited me fine’.’
    • ‘There was gel and a hot-brush left out on the laundry basket, so she was wearing her hair straight with a slight wet look as it clung to her face and shoulders.’
    • ‘Valspar's product ‘WB 20’ is a single-component system that provides a wet look and can be used for exterior applications.’
    • ‘I don't think the wet look is for me, but my boys looked hot.’
    • ‘Addison brushed up against Milo, she could sense he was nervous by the wet look on his face.’
    • ‘I'm also guessing the whole wet look thing is a result of some woman throwing a drink over his head.’
    • ‘For those of you who still dig the wet look there are numerous traditional ice rinks dotted around.’
    • ‘One ex-hairdresser colleague told us about wet-look and slicked hairstyles of the era made marvellous by use of KY Jelly.’
    • ‘Jean-Claude had glamorous clients and his own range of styling products; Jean-Claude mousse, Jean-Claude wet look gellee, Jean-Claude super finn hold non-aerosol spray.’


wet look