Meaning of wet rot in English:

wet rot


mass noun
  • 1A brown fungal rot affecting timber with a high moisture content.

    ‘timbers affected by wet rot’
    • ‘General repairs to evidence of wet rot affecting the various frames - and dormer windows - should be undertaken but possibly, in conjunction with paintwork redecorations.’
    • ‘Any furniture will need to be raised off any floor surface that lacks a damp-course membrane, to avoid moisture being absorbed, creating wet rot.’
    • ‘It's one thing drawing plans, it is quite another tackling a building without water or electricity and riddled with dry and wet rot.’
    • ‘Local architect Malcolm Ward has been in charge of the restoration work and said no real horrors had been found apart from some wet rot in the attic eaves where rainwater had been penetrating.’
    • ‘Church and community leaders at Cartmel Priory are determined to fend off wet rot in the roof and keep their historic place of worship in tip-top condition.’
    • ‘The members raised thousands of pounds to treat wet rot and keep the wooden structure sound.’
    • ‘Mice nested in the wellington boots, and the tank-suit got a bad case of wet rot from a small hole in the roof.’
    • ‘Urgent action is required to protect the structure of the house from further water damage and to eliminate wet rot on the ornate interior plasterwork.’
    • ‘You're going to need their lurve, and comprehensive advice on wet rot.’
    • ‘Before they could do renovate, they had to get the wet rot seen to.’
    decay, decomposition
  • 2

    (also wet rot fungus)
    The fungus that causes wet rot.

    Coniophora puteana, family Coniophoraceae, class Hymenomycetes, and other species

    • ‘When he was called in by Mr. Michael Taylor in May 1995 to assist in relation to the dry rot problem at Stretton Hall, he went round the house room by room, looking at each room very carefully for symptoms of wet rot, dry rot and woodworm.’
    • ‘Damp is evident in many locations and wet rot and dry rot is ‘probable’.’
    • ‘Chartered building surveyors will examine a property (particularly older ones) for structural damage such as subsidence, dry and wet rot and leaking roofs.’
    • ‘The inspector suggested they put more attractive wallpaper in the dining room, but he didn't mention the dry and wet rot that later cost $50,000 to fix.’
    • ‘If this disease develops in the plant's crown, a wet rot may kill the entire plant.’
    mildew, fungus, must, mouldiness, mustiness


wet rot