Meaning of wet season in English:

wet season


  • A regular period of prolonged rainfall.

    ‘during the wet season a network of creeks, water channels, and muddy tracks connect villages’
    • ‘Milked three times a day, camels produce nine liters of milk per day during the wet season.’
    • ‘The extensive network of large irrigation channels depends entirely upon the wet season rainwater collected in the dam.’
    • ‘Despite nearly a quarter century of operations, most wet seasons overwhelm the miner's capacity to manage water on site.’
    • ‘I would love to see Darwin's wet season diverted to the drought-stricken farmers.’
    • ‘He has a project in the Top End about the influence of the wet season on family life.’
    • ‘In three months, this country will again be vivid green and brimming with wet season run-off.’
    • ‘Part of the reserve is closed in the wet season between March and May.’
    • ‘Birds are most plentiful in the wet season when up to 300 species gathers here.’
    • ‘During the wet season, a network of creeks, water channels and muddy tracks connect villages.’
    • ‘On the better Kimberley cattle runs there was plenty of time off, particularly in the wet season.’