Meaning of wet wipe in English:

wet wipe


  • A small disposable cloth treated with a cleansing agent, used especially for personal hygiene.

    ‘keep wet wipes on hand for use before and after snacks’
    • ‘She wiped the backs of her hands with a wet wipe.’
    • ‘Pack a container of wet wipes in the car for accidental spills.’
    • ‘He says his wife always takes antiseptic wet wipes.’
    • ‘Although bleary-eyed, I manage to triumphantly wave a giant packet of wet wipes at them, explaining that I think they will find these very useful.’
    • ‘I took out a wet wipe and removed the grease the civilised way.’
    • ‘Nathan suggests bringing wet wipes because "the toilet paper's horrible", which makes us wonder what festivals he's been to where there's toilet paper on offer.’
    • ‘I also got a packet of those wet wipes, which are very handy for getting the oil or grease off one's fingers.’
    • ‘Take a small pocket-sized resealable pack of wet wipes when going camping.’
    • ‘They use wet wipes to clean themselves.’