Meaning of wettable in English:



See wet

  • ‘Dusting sulphur and wettable sulphur are great for controlling a number of disease problems.’
  • ‘In addition, the characteristics of the wetted surface affect the cavitation threshold; cavitation thresholds of seawater are significantly more negative on wettable surfaces than on non-wettable surfaces.’
  • ‘Measurements using miniature flush-mounted pressure transducers show that suckers can generate hydrostatic pressures below 0 kPa on wettable surfaces but cannot do so on non-wettable surfaces.’
  • ‘These ingredients are readily wettable in an aqueous based food system, but do not dissolve, swell, or gel.’
  • ‘The septal neck therefore, seals the chamber and precludes the contact between the rear mantle epithelium and those wettable surfaces that contact the cameral liquid.’