Meaning of wetting agent in English:

wetting agent


  • A chemical that can be added to a liquid to reduce its surface tension and make it more effective in spreading over and penetrating surfaces.

    • ‘Detergents are chemical compounds that contain wetting agents and emulsifiers.’
    • ‘This is the result of there being too little of a substance known as a surfactant, which acts as a kind of detergent or wetting agent to lower the surface tension of the fluid in the lungs.’
    • ‘Premature babies develop breathing problems because their lungs do not make enough surfactant, a wetting agent, which creates the correct surface tension for the lungs to function.’
    • ‘These products vary, but may include a mild synthetic detergent or an oil mixed with a wetting agent (surfactant).’
    • ‘There are chemical wetting agents available to help in wallpaper removal.’
    • ‘The line of forty products include soil surfactants, wetting agents, spray dye indicators, foliar nutrients biostimulants, spray adjuvants, and tank cleaners.’
    • ‘Can be used with fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, algaecides, acids, wetting agents and disinfectants’
    • ‘The dishwashing liquid acts as a wetting agent and allows the water to soak into the soil.’
    • ‘The wetting agent will improve the penetration of water so that it can reach deep down to the roots of the plants.’
    • ‘Manufacturers may add wetting agents and other substances (including acid) to their silicate products.’
    • ‘Poloxamers have an extensive range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry such as emulsification, solubilization, dispersion and as thickening, coating and wetting agents.’
    • ‘Utilizing slow release organics products and plenty of iron and wetting agents are all standard operating procedures for Kevin and his crew.’
    • ‘Most problems have to do with wetting agents in mixes.’
    • ‘Even if you haven't, it's possible to supplement budget mixes with soil wetting agents and stir through a bit of pre-soaked peat if you've got it.’
    • ‘But sometimes compost isn't enough, in which case artificial products such as wetting agents may have to be used to treat the area.’
    • ‘Aquatrols has improved on its wetting agent technology with the introduction of Dispatch, which is seven times faster than its existing Infiltrex product.’
    • ‘The main focus of this study was to investigate the possible role of skin wetness and the wetting agent's constituents on parameters that affect skin breakdown.’
    • ‘Many contain a wetting agent for uniform water distribution.’
    • ‘The label of a foliar-applied herbicide may recommend the use of a wetting agent or sticker-spreader.’
    • ‘After dissection, anthers remained in the wetting agent for another hour.’