Meaning of Wgtn in English:



New Zealand
  • Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

    ‘he's a former Wgtn councillor’
    • ‘Nothing else freaky happened and we drove back to Wgtn without incident.’
    • ‘I will hopefully get back to Wgtn that night.’
    • ‘The sign read 'Don't Break Wgtn's Heart'.’
    • ‘Got back to Wgtn and signed life away at the lawyers.’
    • ‘A friend of mine is moving back to wgtn and she is all, Yay, we'll be able to hang out soon.’
    • ‘We got up at 2:15 am to make it to Wgtn airport on time.’
    • ‘One of the highlights that is sure to brighten up the middle of winter will be the Wgtn LUX lighting festival.’
    • ‘So I've tried but cannot find a place to purchase in Wgtn central.’
    • ‘Can't wait until my mate in Wgtn puts his newly arrived turbo kit on his Hayabusa.’
    • ‘I was travelling from Wgtn to Auckland recently in moderately heavy traffic.’