Meaning of whacking in English:



informal British attributive
  • Very large.

    ‘she poured us two whacking drinks’
    as submodifier ‘he dug a whacking great hole’
    • ‘Golly gosh, is that a whacking great mountain coming between Switzerland and Italy?’
    • ‘Imagine letting patients out into the fresh air after one day, having just cut a whacking great hole into their stomachs.’
    • ‘Then again, taking a whacking huge salary also gets taxed so we can't be too mean on him.’
    • ‘For his second he inherits, from himself, a whacking budget deficit of his own making and a huge current account deficit.’
    • ‘Apparently the sum of $26m is sitting in a bank account which only he has access to, and I could get a whacking great dollop of the money if I sent my personal details to him.’
    • ‘I used the money to make a down payment on the whacking great mortgage we had at the time.’
    • ‘In his recent biggest-ever book, a whacking 500 pages long, entitled Dylan's Visions of Sin, he is making his case for Dylan as one of the great English-speaking poets.’
    • ‘Already agreed is a whacking £1.9 billion for the new seven-year rail franchise, to be christened First ScotRail when it emerges in all its pink and lilac glory next month.’
    • ‘Yet Hyde Park is one of London's great glories - I wonder how the parks authority would feel about a whacking great race track being laid through a space that is supposed to be tranquil and relaxing.’
    • ‘If there really was a connection, I'd be outside whacking innocent forest creatures with a sword and stealing their gold to finance my quest to overthrow the evil empire.’
    • ‘Apparently, the reason for our seemingly inexplicable discontent is simply that our whacking great aspirations have outstripped our ability to fulfil them.’
    • ‘There have been holes cut in it by Romans seeking gold, copper miners for hundreds of years afterwards and whacking great quarries riven out by the slate industry in recent times.’
    • ‘And it's on a human scale - you can walk from one side to the other without any more problems than a whacking great hill normally presents.’
    • ‘He just wanted a whacking great big mansion, which he thought would be a reward for all his hard work, fabulous for his family and great for parties.’
    • ‘It's a very common condition, I'm told, but usually they don't leave a whacking great scar across you when they sort it out.’
    • ‘Well, he's not actually waiting, as he's just been this morning, and we've now got a whacking great dish on the front of the house.’
    • ‘The whacking salaries enjoyed by chief executives are necessary, we are told, to ensure the best people can be found for the job.’
    • ‘It's hard to blame them; they're hemorrhaging cash at the same time that they have to top up a whacking great pension underhang.’
    • ‘Here is what Camp Street looks like with a whacking great red Ford Falcon in the front of the shot.’
    • ‘Earnings per share of 107.1 cent for last year were a whacking 22 per cent ahead of market expectations.’
    huge, massive, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, colossal, mammoth, vast, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, Herculean, Brobdingnagian, substantial, extensive, hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy, gross
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