Meaning of whakapapa in English:



New Zealand
  • A line of descent from one's ancestors; genealogy.

    ‘we grew up knowing our whakapapa’
    ‘she has a large design inked on her back, depicting her whakapapa’
    • ‘Looking through all his pics, I'd be interested in tracing his Whakapapa.’
    • ‘The music carried grief, the sea, voices speaking assuredly of whakapapa.’
    • ‘The esoteric nature of these claims is expressed through their own pertinent whakapapa link.’
    • ‘For any tribal group to trace their whakapapa to an eponymous ancestor, it has to be proven through blood lines.’
    • ‘Our people were very protective of their whakapapa.’
    • ‘One of the unfortunate things about our whakapapa is that we cannot do anything about it.’
    • ‘The point of this story is that history and whakapapa are important.’
    • ‘Other aspects and changes to the bill on the keeping of records, and the recognition of genetic inheritance or whakapapa, are an improvement.’
    • ‘The defining principle has to be whakapapa.’
    • ‘As mentioned by previous speakers, whakapapa links are important and will be a concern for Maori and Pacific Island groups.’


Early 20th century Maori.