Meaning of whale-headed stork in English:

whale-headed stork


  • An African stork with grey plumage and a very large bill shaped like a clog.

    Balaeniceps rex, the only member of the family Balaenicipitidae

    • ‘The shoebill is also referred to as the whale-headed stork and both of these common names reflect the distinct broad bill this bird possesses.’
    • ‘It is the whale-headed stork which was in cactus Park of Izu.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most bizarre is the whale-headed stork, with a massive hooked bill used for extracting mudfish from the swamp bed.’
    • ‘Northern hartebeest, wild ass, mountain zebra, whale-headed stork, bald-headed ibis, white-breasted guinea fowl and all elephants with tusks no heavier than five kilograms.’
    • ‘The shoebill (also known as the shoe-billed stork or whale-headed stork) is native to the upper reaches of the White Nile in Uganda.’
    • ‘View crocodiles, hippos and birds such whale-headed stork and the ever-present fish eaglelazing around on the banks of the Nile.’
    • ‘The bill of the whale-headed stork of freshwater swamps in Africa, from Sudan down through Zaire, is thick, rounded, spotted, and hooked on the end.’
    • ‘The big attraction here is the chance to see the unusual and rare shoebill (sometimes known as the whale-headed stork).’