Meaning of whale shark in English:

whale shark


  • A very large tropical shark which typically swims close to the surface, where it feeds chiefly on plankton. It is the largest known fish.

    Rhincodon typus, the sole member of the family Rhincodontidae

    • ‘Shark finning is a lucrative business, with a single fin from a whale shark or a basking shark being worth as much as $14, \500.’
    • ‘The largest of all fish, the whale shark, lives off plankton alone!’
    • ‘At 22 meters, it is almost twice as long as the whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean today.’
    • ‘Finally, I am concerned that the bill proposes to issue quota for species that are so endangered that they are subject to the convention on endangered species, such as basking shark, whale shark, and sea horse.’
    • ‘The whale shark, the hammerhead and the nurse shark are impossible to confuse.’
    • ‘It has also created websites monitoring whale shark and basking shark movements and identification worldwide.’
    • ‘Basking sharks feed exclusively on plankton and are the coolwater equivalent of the tropical whale shark.’
    • ‘The whale shark, the biggest fish on earth, is a plankton feeder and harmless to divers.’
    • ‘Who would claim that a moray eel, whale shark or barracuda had such a quality, impressive as they might be in other respects?’
    • ‘Some snorkellers swam alongside a whale shark, while divers of one boat made their entry to find themselves among a welcoming committee of pilot whales.’
    • ‘The whale shark is the largest fish in the seas and can reach more than 14m in length.’
    • ‘It is here that divers may encounter anything from schooling batfish, barracudas to a sailfish, or even the whale shark.’
    • ‘On one dive, as we drifted along with the current, passing the school of hammerheads, an 8m whale shark came out of the blue towards us.’
    • ‘This fish is second in size only to the whale shark and displays the same gentle characteristics and feeding habits as its larger cousin.’
    • ‘As the whale shark ended its days on the front pages of the city's newspapers, many readers were seized by the awareness that it was, despite its gigantic proportions, a harmless creature that feeds only on plankton.’
    • ‘Perhaps it had been left behind by a whale shark.’
    • ‘The basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus is only second in size to the whale shark.’
    • ‘There was another report in the local media of a big whale shark being caught off of Taitung recently.’
    • ‘But if you are dreaming of swimming with a whale shark, the period from December to March is the best.’
    • ‘Summer is a good time to go to the region, if you can stand the heat, for a rare chance to dive with a whale shark.’