Meaning of whaleboat in English:



  • A long rowing boat with a bow at either end for easy manoeuvrability, formerly used in whaling.

    • ‘They fashion small-scale versions of yachts, whaleboats, and other vessels that are perfect in every detail.’
    • ‘Gosnell Hall, the largest room in the museum, contains a skeleton of a forty-six-foot-long sperm whale, a thirty-foot-long whaleboat, whaling tools, and ship captains' portraits.’
    • ‘When he retired from the sea in 1870 he returned to Bequia and set up whaling ‘companies ‘consisting of four whaleboats and about 26 men per company.’’
    • ‘The first organised ferry service from Auckland to Devonport began in 1854 using sail or oar propelled whaleboats.’
    • ‘The sailors and coxswain running the whaleboat pushed off again to help the others towing away the wreckage.’
    • ‘Successive displays chronicle the Greek trireme, perhaps the ultimate statement of rowing power, the Venetian gondola, the Thames wherry, wooden-hulled lifeboats and arctic whaleboats.’
    • ‘The cheers ebbed as they spied a plume of smoke to the northeast - the British steamship Georgette was bearing down on both the Catalpa and the whaleboat.’
    • ‘The replica whaleboat presented to the Batavia Long Boat Replica Project Foundation in January is set to play a key role in a documentary about the whaling ship Catalpa.’
    • ‘Ishmael reports that ‘the whale can never be known completely, for the man in the whaleboat is never in a position to see the entire shape of his massive prey.’’
    • ‘Charles Sturt attempted to drag a whaleboat into the arid centre in the foolish expectation of finding an imaginary [inland] sea.’
    • ‘In 1809, he seized a whaleboat and disappeared with five hostages, eventually turning up in Guayaquil.’
    • ‘USS Walker's motor whaleboat was waiting by prearrangement to pick him and Esther up.’
    • ‘Unlike Shackleton's 22 ft whaleboat, the James Caird, it could turn through 360 degrees without any risk of sinking.’