Meaning of whaling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈweɪlɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The practice or industry of hunting and killing whales for their oil, meat, or whalebone.

    ‘a ban on whaling’
    • ‘the whaling industry’
    • ‘whaling nations’
    • ‘What is the effect of the increasing whale watching industry, which like whaling before it, ranges from feeding to birthing grounds?’
    • ‘Despite the ban on commercial whaling, many whales are caught in Korean waters.’
    • ‘Japan will lead the charge to overturn a ban on commercial whaling when the International Whaling Commission meets in just over a week.’
    • ‘Japan aims to return the commission to a whaling industry - controlled body, so that commercial whaling can resume.’
    • ‘But the biggest issues for me, mate, was sealing, whaling and the killing of penguins.’
    • ‘A quarter of a century after whaling was banned in Australian waters, whale watching has become a tourism success story.’
    • ‘There has been an international ban on all commercial whaling since 1986, and on grey whales since 1949.’
    • ‘Iceland's delegation responded by walking out of the meeting and threatening to resume commercial whaling with or without approval.’
    • ‘Alice Roberts looks back at Dundee's history of whaling and meets former whalers who risked their lives in this now reviled industry.’
    • ‘With whaling still outlawed, the Japanese are out of practice when it comes to taking out large blubbery mammals.’
    • ‘After a long campaign by several environment groups, the International Whaling Commission imposes a moratorium on commercial whaling.’
    • ‘This situation eased in 1986 when the international Whaling Commission declared a moratorium on whaling.’
    • ‘The widescale whaling of the past exists no longer, and most whales are now protected under international law.’
    • ‘Iceland, Japan and Norway want to abandon the ban and threatened to begin commercial whaling with or without international agreement.’
    • ‘Our attack at the moment is to expose the fraud of commercial whaling under the guise of scientific whaling.’
    • ‘Japan's ambassador to Australia, Hideaki Ueda, said last week that he hoped that the IWC would soon allow a return to commercial whaling.’
    • ‘From that time on for over ten years I stuck to Athneal like a pilot fish and he taught me, not only whaling and its history in the islands but about Bequia life as well.’
    • ‘The story of whaling in Eden is much more than just a story about a bygone industry or even a story about an amazing partnership between man and beast.’
    • ‘Iceland could also begin straightforward commercial whaling at any time, although it says that it will not do so until at least 2006.’
    • ‘He's continuing to call for caution in allowing commercial whaling in the foreseeable future.’