Meaning of wham in English:


Pronunciation /wam/

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  • 1Used to express the sound of a forcible impact.

    • ‘the bombs landed—wham!—right on target’
    1. 1.1Used to express the idea of a sudden and dramatic occurrence.
      • ‘he asked me out for a drink, and—wham!—that was it’
      • ‘There was smoke all over the place, then, all of a sudden - wham!’
      • ‘In fact, one day we were jogging along the path on the Hudson River when suddenly - wham!’
      • ‘I saw the car coming at a hundred miles per hour and then suddenly, wham!’

verbwhams, whamming, whammed

informal no object, with adverbial
  • 1Strike something forcefully.

    • ‘trucks whammed into each other’
    • ‘Unluckily for me, I didn't have my seat belts on and I went flying out of my seat and wham right into the window.’
    • ‘I bent my neck to watch the ball wham into the backboard, bounce a few times around the hoop - then went in.’
    thump, clunk, clonk, crash, smash, smack, bang, thunder
    1. 1.1Make a loud sound as of a forceful impact.
      • ‘my heart was whamming away like a drum’
      • ‘She stopped abruptly, as she whammed into something with a sound thump.’
      • ‘Dove through the sliding doors and whammed them shut, crouching on all fours, heart beating wildly, peering out at him.’


1920s imitative.