Meaning of whare runanga in English:

whare runanga

nounwhare runanga

New Zealand
  • A Maori meeting house.

    ‘their whare runanga is one of the finest meeting houses in the East Cape’
    • ‘Whare runanga represent another example of Maori determination to establish systems for classification.’
    • ‘The whare runanga provides a pragmatic system for classifying and identifying relative difference between people.’
    • ‘They will attend the ceremony at the whare runanga the day before Waitangi Day, and will also attend a prayer service the next morning.’
    • ‘The prime minister is headed for the nearby whare runanga at the Treaty House grounds, avoiding the site which has been a hotbed of protest action in past years.’
    • ‘She said the whare runanga was not even a marae, but merely "a carved house for tourists".’
    • ‘A prominent building in this historic precinct is the whare runanga, standing as a monument to the nation, its people, and its ancestors.’
    • ‘Both whare runanga and marae form an important part of Maori culture, with strict protocol governing proceedings and behaviour.’
    • ‘This whare runanga is a little different to most in that it is a building of national rather than tribal significance.’
    • ‘This is one of the few whare runanga that you are allowed to take photographs in.’
    • ‘The carvings for all tribes were created specifically for this whare runanga under the supervision of master carver Pine Taiapa.’


Late 19th century from Maori whare ‘house’ + runanga ‘assembly’.


whare runanga

/ˌfɑːreɪ ˈruːnʌŋə/