Meaning of whare wananga in English:

whare wananga

nounwhare wananga

New Zealand
  • A university or college specializing in traditional Maori knowledge.

    ‘I'm rather attracted to the idea of the pre-European whare wananga’
    • ‘The sacred stones are used in the graduation ceremony of the whare wananga.’
    • ‘Considerably more Maori students are on programmes run by private training education institutions, polytechnics, and whare wananga than at the seven universities.’
    • ‘She said National's history with Maori "was not all bad" and included major initiatives such as kohanga reo, whare wananga, and in health and social services.’
    • ‘My idea of courses taught entirely in cafes and bars could be construed as a perversion of the whare wananga's relationship to the natural world.’
    • ‘Our kohanga reo, whare wananga, iwi radio, and Maori television have been adopted all around the indigenous world as the model for language retention and revitalization.’
    • ‘He was the last high priest of this whare wananga, which had been established some 12 to 13 generations earlier by his ancestor Hingangaroa.’
    • ‘Can the minister confirm that in the past five years the number of Maori participating in tertiary education doubled in the courses delivered by whare wananga?’
    • ‘It was here that the whare wananga Tapere-nui-a-Whatonga received its students.’
    • ‘It is very much a South Island instrument of the Ngai Tahu people, used particularly in whare wananga to accompany intoned learnings.’
    • ‘Subjects taught at the whare wananga included astronomy, genealogy, and natural medicine.’


1920s from Maori, ‘house of learning’.


whare wananga

/ˌfɑːreɪ ˈwɑːnʌŋə/