Meaning of wharenui in English:



New Zealand
  • A Maori meeting house.

    ‘we got dragged into the wharenui for impromptu debates’
    • ‘It has been the local people's wishes that they have uninhibited time to deliver in the wharenui.’
    • ‘A carving of the whale, mounted by its rider, occupies the prime spot above the local wharenui, a permanent reminder of the tribe's beginnings.’
    • ‘Perhaps two years later, Maori went back to the site and built the big wharenui on top of the site.’
    • ‘He held an exhibition here in 2001 and created a work called 'The Wharenui That Dad Built'.’
    • ‘Excavations have shown the remains of not just one wharenui, but possibly three.’
    • ‘The first new wharenui in a century was opened on the South Island when the Rehua Wharenui was completed.’
    • ‘The media have been allowed time to film set-up shots before the hui begins in the wharenui.’
    • ‘Please note that media cannot enter wharenui during hui.’
    • ‘The new wharenui is a tribute to the kaumatua and people of the iwi who have worked so hard to establish it as a thriving and progressive marae once more.’
    • ‘In the wharenui, the group has been introduced to the haka, the long pois, and short sticks, and has had an opportunity to try them all.’


1920s from Maori, ‘large house’.