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Pronunciation /wɔːf/

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nounwharves, wharfs

  • A level quayside area to which a ship may be moored to load and unload.

    ‘In an interview, Clifford Palacio said that employment included work in the fields and also on wharves loading ships.’
    • ‘In addition there are historic artifacts, submerged wharves and docks, and natural features like caves and reefs to explore.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, helicopters buzz overhead providing air cover, and teams of divers are also checking wharves and jetties at the port of Umm Qasr itself.’
    • ‘Divers from Britain, Australia and the United States are continuing to check the wharves and jetties of Umm Qasr port.’
    • ‘Gold was vital to a city like New York, where stevedores daily handled huge amounts of cargo at its many docks, wharves and piers.’
    • ‘It was shipped from the wharves on the property of the planters, since roads were primarily muddy paths and nearly all plantations were near the water.’
    • ‘For thirty years Australian meatworkers have been picketing ships and wharves in an effort to protect their livelihoods from the live sheep export trade.’
    • ‘Its wharves and shipyards were busy throughout most of the Revolution, but were particularly active in the decades following the end of the war.’
    • ‘Sydney's several wharves and quays, given such vibrant new life, draw huge crowds.’
    • ‘They may have owned and operated lighters to transport goods from their private wharves to ships anchored in the bay of Smyrna and vice versa.’
    • ‘The church of St Clement Danes also lays claim to being the inspiration for the lyrics, also by dint of citrus fruits being unloaded at the nearby wharves.’
    • ‘Scallop prices to fishermen are dropping, and there is still a major concern about wharves in our area.’
    • ‘It now services ships and submarines alongside the wharves to ensure personnel are dentally deployable under the conditions of individual readiness.’
    • ‘In order to catch a better glimpse of the radiant whaling boat, Kirstle and Tashi both ran down the wharves to the dock where she was to land.’
    • ‘For generations, fishermen have been leaving Nova Scotian harbours from the same wharves.’
    • ‘Complaints were made by the operators of wharves, by yacht clubs whose moorings were affected and by others to whom I shall refer in more detail at a later stage.’
    • ‘The docks stretched the width of the town, from wall to wall, a cobbled waterfront avenue with two wharves jutting out into the bay, embraced by the arms of the breakwater.’
    • ‘Under the plan, the district of old warehouses, wharves and homes will be transformed into a modern business area, a shipping centre and a historic tourist spot.’
    • ‘Various other communities want better docks, wharves, breakwaters, and repairs or replacements for airport runways and buildings.’
    • ‘Government has recently asked communities throughout Atlantic Canada to take over responsibility for ports and wharves.’
    quay, pier, dock, berth, landing stage, landing place, landing, jetty
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Late Old English hwearf, of Germanic origin.