Meaning of wharfage in English:



mass noun
  • Accommodation provided at a wharf for the loading, unloading, or storage of goods.

    • ‘Yarmouth has been fortunate over its history to be located on a good harbour that continues to provide wharfage for ships plying waters off the Nova Scotia coast.’
    • ‘These services were, and still are, priced in the Baltimore Marine Terminal Association tariff, while the MPA tariff deals only with terminal ground leases, wharfage, and dockage.’
    • ‘Additional sailing flats were brought on to the river, wharfage was leased, and during the remaining months of 1827 some traffic that normally went by canal was sent coastwise.’
    • ‘In the end, the second call for destruction was thrown out, only to be raised again in 1921. ‘There must be more wharfage,’ came the cry and once more, all eyes looked to Paritutu.’
    • ‘The higher costs the company was expected to charge for wharfage did not endear it to the merchants.’
    • ‘It proposed the continued infilling of the southeastern shore for industrial land and wharfage.’
    • ‘Namibia is believed to have offered Ramatex a 20-year tax holiday, free wharfage, free earthworks at the factory site and free electricity infrastructure up to the factory site.’
    • ‘Despite the TSC's recommendation against volume discounts, the final 1983 tariff did introduce wharfage volume discounts-the more containers per vessel that call at the ports, the greater the discount possible.’