Meaning of what's the betting? in English:

what's the betting?


informal British
  • Used to express a belief that something is likely.

    ‘what's the betting he's up to no good?’
    • ‘She has already racked up her first £20m - what's the betting she makes another few next year?’
    • ‘Meanwhile, I'm off to London next week, and what's the betting that the loony on the train sits next to me?’
    • ‘Given that food advice is so faddish, what's the betting that in 10 years time, somebody will come out with ‘research’ that proves the opposite?’
    • ‘It interests me that such a similar term means such similar things in two languages; what's the betting one evolved from the other, perhaps from Moorish Spain into southern France?’
    • ‘So what's the betting that will create even more car-traffic at the island?’