Meaning of what's up? in English:

what's up?


  • 1What is going on?

    • ‘You can imagine the scenario, Trent's lying on the coach playing Gamecube, and Jeordie walks in the door, ‘Hey man, what's up?’’
    • ‘As I opened the door to Carolyn's room I smelled the scent of her favorite perfume in the air, and half expected her to appear with a ‘Hey Mom, what's up?’’
    • ‘I have been talking to my crush online a lot lately, but I never knew what to say in person after the usual, ‘Hey, what's up?’’
    • ‘He glanced over his shoulder as Harry stepped into the kitchen, ‘Oh hey, what's up?’’
    • ‘Raine smiled his acknowledgement and Wes returned her greeting, ‘Hey Sally, what's up?’’
    • ‘Up ahead, I saw Dean's friends come up beside him, saying, ‘Yo, Dean, what's up?’’
    • ‘To my surprise he acknowledges me and says back, ‘Hey, what's up?’’
    • ‘‘Heya,’ she said brightly as she sat down, ‘what's up?’’
    • ‘I had overheard him greet a buddy who called him on the phone with ‘Yo man, what's up?‘’
    • ‘She gave a huge smile and said, ‘Hey, what's up?’’
  • 2What is the matter?

    • ‘ what's up with you?’
    • ‘How to respond to the comment ‘you look great - what's up?’’
    • ‘I'm too big of a Velvets fan to just go into an interview and say, ‘Hey, your last record's no good, what's up?’’
    • ‘His face was red and a witness asked him: ‘Mr Scherwitz, what's up?’’
    • ‘You've been unusually touchy today, what's up?’
    • ‘‘Hey’ he said softly, then seeing my expression of worry. ‘what's up?’’
    • ‘You're certainly handing out the compliments tonight, what's up?’
    • ‘Cook answered and then thinking to himself, ‘Hmmm wonder what's up?’’
    • ‘Gwen realized Maria hadn't been talking much and asked her, ‘So, Maria, what's up?’’
    • ‘So, Conrad followed us to an area where no one could over hear what we were saying and looked at us, ‘So, what's up?’’
    • ‘What's up with you, that you're looking so miserable?’
    • ‘What's up with the world?’