Meaning of what's with —? in English:

what's with —?


  • 1What is the reason for —?

    • ‘what's with all the Christmas decor being out before Halloween?’
    • ‘What's with all the carrots?’
    • ‘What's with all the questions?’
    • ‘What's with every current hip hop song on the radio having a pitched up soul vocal sample on it?’
    • ‘What's with her change of attitude?’
    • ‘What's with the fancy necklace?’
  • 2What is the matter or the problem with —?

    • ‘what's with Craig's face this week?’
    • ‘What's with her teeth, anyway?’
    • ‘"What's with everyone?" "I'm just not feeling that well lately."’
    • ‘What's with my passport, pal?’
    • ‘Incidentally, what's with his hair?’
    • ‘What's with kids these days?’
    • ‘What's with that outfit?’
    • ‘"What's with the face?"’