Meaning of what do you expect? in English:

what do you expect?

(also what can you expect?)


  • Used to emphasize that there was nothing unexpected about a person or event, however disappointed one might be.

    ‘the reception's not great, but what do you expect?’
    • ‘Ever since the 1980s and the rise of the yuppie we've heard the refrain that ‘they see all this wealth on the TV which they haven't got - what do you expect?’’
    • ‘But if the investment is not there, the engineers are not there, the equipment purchased is not up to scratch, then what do you expect?’
    • ‘The Doctor said ‘Well if you take class A drugs what do you expect?’’
    • ‘Well, you're their little girl, what do you expect?’
    • ‘She just lost her child, Eric, what do you expect?’