Meaning of what if —? in English:

what if —?


  • 1What would result if —?

    ‘what if nobody shows up?’
    • ‘This might not matter if the war were won easily, but what if the operation went wrong?’
    • ‘And what if the Scots are left in some halfway house with a few bob in their pockets and nothing more?’
    • ‘We don't like to think about it, but what if you lose your job or the roof of your house caves in?’
    • ‘But what if you wanted to sell your house before the endowment policy was fully vested?’
    • ‘Could be dangerous - what if they sneak into your house and nick half your record collection?’
    • ‘Besides, what if expecting the worst actually makes it more likely to happen?’
    • ‘But what if it didn't happen that way and the Neanderthals were the ones left around?’
    • ‘But what if the doctor does not want to treat someone because he or she thinks that they would be an inadequate parent?’
    • ‘But, what if the cyclist was there to inform you about a faulty brake light or indicator?’
    • ‘But what if you are the user of a new product and want to write a review on it?’
  • 2What does it matter if —?

    ‘what if our house is a mess? I'm clean’
    • ‘So what if more houses get built on the outskirts of Dublin without proper local infrastructure.’
    • ‘I tried you six different times and so what if I called your house at six in the morning?’
    • ‘So what if it turns you into a complete basket case - at least it's always exciting, right?’
    • ‘So what if it was a Western classical concert, kids are after all kids, right?’
    • ‘So what if their lyrical outbursts are in English, they capture the sound of inner city west Wales with precision and wit.’
    • ‘So what if it's an inherited thing, as long as they don't have any real power?’
    • ‘So what if it led to the development of the electric gramophone and later took the form of radio and record player.’
    • ‘So what if Wodehouse died almost three decades ago, his works still sell well.’
    • ‘From a purely cricketing perspective, so what if Australia play a weakened Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘So what if it was the end of the day, the energy at the pub was infectious.’