Meaning of what of —? in English:

what of —?


  • What is the news concerning —?

    • ‘But what of the worst bits, the bits that make you cringe when you hear them?’
    • ‘Even talkback callers to this station have expressed their opinion but what of the teenagers themselves?’
    • ‘But what of the strains of working as both a doctor and a poet in West Kerry?’
    • ‘And what of the addiction to the massive cash injection into our local economy that our club culture has engendered?’
    • ‘And what of the heaths themselves, surely the main pull for both areas?’
    • ‘If Orwell saw the contemporary killings of his age as lacking in drama and ‘story’, then what of ours?’
    • ‘And then what of the London electronic philosopher and Sunday footballer?’
    • ‘So, what of the other newsreaders that earn much more than you?’
    • ‘But what of the young who are part of the cricket crowds, some of whom are presumably born in England?’
    • ‘Prospects for 2006 for Scotland are reasonably bright, but what of the longer-term picture?’