Meaning of what of it? in English:

what of it?


  • Why should that be considered significant?

    • ‘My folks are away on holiday this week (yes, I've been living with my parents for the last year and a half, what of it?) and the thing I've been looking forward to most of all about having the house to myself for a week has been the food.’
    • ‘‘I changed shirts,’ Gary shrugged and turned back to the computer, ‘what of it?‘’
    • ‘We've all witnessed you kissing him, so what of it?’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ I nodded with a sigh, ‘I knew your mother; what of it?’’
    • ‘Ignoring his protests, I ordered him up to the cream guest room (and if Saro usually had the blue, what of it?) and to sleep until lunchtime.’