Meaning of what say —? in English:

what say —?


  • Used to make a suggestion.

    ‘what say we call a tea break?’
    • ‘Instead of expensive training programs, what say we just send these buyers down to a local ‘Harry's Hardware’ for a couple of hours?’
    • ‘But what say people finally feel enough's enough and curse both houses by putting in community independents or Greens?’
    • ‘Well, it's been a long time coming and a long time promised but what say we splash a bit of spring water in the two combatants, release the aromas and let the taste off begin?’
    • ‘Actually, Ed, what say we try and do the job properly?’
    • ‘But what say that as a group, a particular race has a particular disposition to a disease.’
    • ‘So, what say me and you go to your place for dinner?’
    • ‘Ok, what say we go get our stuff on, and go out to the pool?’
    • ‘Look… I don't really need this right now, so what say we call it truce.’
    • ‘It's not like we have any other options, so what say we go inside?’
    • ‘Formalities aside, what say we show you and your men to the palace?’