Meaning of what someone is driving at in English:

what someone is driving at


  • The point that someone is attempting to make.

    ‘I don't understand what you're driving at’
    • ‘You can see what Mahoney is driving at: that materialism is no substitute for morality.’
    • ‘Ultimately, what Crichton is driving at is a relatively simple point: that man's vision, either past or forward, is remarkably short-sighted.’
    • ‘Perhaps what Ferguson is driving at is the need to keep winning and winning.’
    • ‘It was cryptic, but currency markets traders knew exactly what the G7, or more precisely, Mr Snow, was driving at.’
    • ‘He gave his brother an odd look. ‘What are you driving at?’’
    suggest, imply, hint at, allude to, intimate, insinuate, indicate, have in mind