Meaning of what the hey in English:

what the hey


informal North American
  • Used as a euphemism for ‘what the hell’

    • ‘‘It'll be a little crowded, but what the hey?’’
    • ‘It's more fun to be excited about two movies than one, so I figured, what the hey, I liked the first one; I'll see the second.’
    • ‘It occurs to me that I could end up regretting this, but what the hey, Saturnalia only comes once a year.’
    • ‘Then he changes his mind and decides that the research results actually don't apply here, but what the hey - it's pretty interesting research anyway, so why waste all that good blogging?’
    • ‘Okay this is completely unconnected with music, but what the hey.’
    • ‘Eh, not my type of film, but what the hey - Jennifer Garner's cute.’
    • ‘Everyone else seems to find it a little odd, but what the hey…’
    • ‘I was sceptical about how much difference these things would make or how quickly, but what the hey, I thought, it's worth trying.’
    • ‘I hope it didn't bore you or anything… I kind of had writer's block while writing this but what the hey.’
    • ‘Now a days I see so many writers doing it, that I figure, what the hey.’
    • ‘My budget is a little strained this month, but I figured what the hey.’