Meaning of what with in English:

what with


  • Because of (used typically to introduce several causes of something)

    ‘what with the drought and the neglect, the garden is in a sad condition’
    • ‘Here's a category that's heating up, what with all the new developments this year.’
    • ‘Still, I wouldn't want a romantic clinch with a new love at my age - what with all that cellulite and flab.’
    • ‘I'm finding it very difficult to sleep at night at the moment, what with all this hot weather we've been having.’
    • ‘So I've been pretty busy the last couple of days, what with one thing and another.’
    • ‘She stuck around and chucked in a few ideas of her own - it would have seemed rude not to, what with everyone else having a go.’
    • ‘We can control our death rate, what with medicines, wonder drugs and vaccinations.’
    • ‘It gradually took over my life - what with party activity and eight years being a Lambeth councillor.’
    • ‘We cannot check as we used to be able to what with no post offices.’
    • ‘So what with the houses, the good jobs with plenty of money coming in and the pension safe, you can tell things are looking up.’
    • ‘Well, it only makes sense, what with using all that valuable oxygen from the earth's atmosphere and all!’