Meaning of what you will in English:

what you will


  • Whatever you want or like.

    ‘activists, campaigners, educators—call them what you will, they have a tough task in this country’
    ‘the afternoon is free to do what you will’
    • ‘The beauty of it is that you can make of it what you will.’
    • ‘Call it what you will, but that is not exactly zero tolerance.’
    • ‘Call me heartless, barbaric, unforgiving, or what you will, but I can not understand this attitude at all.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief they are not related but inseparable lifelong friends - read into that what you will.’
    • ‘Call it what you will, it happened and it was a magnificent thing.’
    • ‘Make of these judgements what you will but their validity is somewhat questionable given such a broad spectrum of views.’
    • ‘So there you have it, make of it what you will, but I reckon intelligence comes into it somewhere.’
    • ‘I have no wish to weary you with the case I have made in the past, but make of this what you will.’
    • ‘Call it blind faith or what you will, but I believe our fellows can rise to the occasion and banish the woes of last Sunday.’
    • ‘Say what you will, but the gay scene still largely operates underground, away from the public eye.’
    want, wish, desire, please, see fit, think fit, think best, like, feel like