Meaning of whatevs in English:


(also whatev)

exclamation, adverb, & relative pronoun

  • Whatever.

    as exclamation ‘I'm sure someone will disagree with my summary, but whatevs’
    ‘It's not how I envisioned spending my Friday night. Whatev’
    as adverb ‘we have some potatoes that we could grill too (or mash, or bake, or whatevs)’
    as pronoun ‘I have no set plans and am open to whatevs’
    • ‘Email me, text me, whatevs, I'm cool, I won't pressure you.’
    • ‘I bought a bunch of records and still had $50 credit left (which i spent yesterday, but whatevs).’
    • ‘I was a little disappointed in both of their sets actually ... but whatevs.’
    • ‘Blondie at the counter gave me some stick over it, but seriously, whatevs.’
    • ‘Hmm, that's a strange way to describe skis … but whatevs.’
    • ‘Many albums are reissued for "reasons" - Band X was ahead of its time, criminally underappreciated, it's influential yet out of print, whatevs.’
    • ‘The usefulness of this iMac bag seems pretty limited, but it's a great idea and a cool design, so whatevs.’
    • ‘She smoulders in a suit (which is probably more YSL than Chanel, but whatevs).’
    • ‘And she wasn't offended, so … whatevs, right?’
    • ‘I worry we may be piling too much on our plate, but whatevs’
    • ‘Actually, Natalie was, but, whatevs.’
    • ‘Random whatevs thoughts on a Thursday.’
    • ‘My understanding is that this is because funding is now directly tied to 'productivity' and one of the criteria for productivity is how many finished and passed PhDs your department/school/faculty/whatevs can churn out in the shortest possible time.’
    • ‘Because, you know, even if I am traveling or taking an extended break or whatevs, the people still expect me to post reg'lar and good.’
    • ‘Okay, she's overexposed right now, but whatevs.’
    • ‘It might seem sorta whatevs nowadays, but in an era when the whole point of American underground rock was to define oneself against the eyeliner-effete English, it took either much focus-grouping and/or mad naiveté to dream up a whole new rock identity.’
    anyway, anyhow, in any case, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, despite everything, in spite of everything, for all that, after everything, no matter what, even so, just the same, all the same, be that as it may, in any event, come what may, rain or shine, come rain or shine, whatever the cost


1990s alteration of whatever.