Meaning of whatshisface in English:


(also whatsisface)


  • Used to refer to a man or boy whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

    ‘the day you married whatshisface’
    • ‘I did leave that thing with whatshisface from 'Home Improvement'.’
    • ‘The rumour mill can stop now, it's also been confirmed that Jen is in fact pregnant with whatshisface's child.’
    • ‘To be fair, I probably do care more about the deer than I do about Bella and Whatshisface.’
    • ‘She almost told Jack the truth right there but being rejected twice in one evening was too much for her so she just cried about it, letting Jack think that it was about whatshisface instead.’
    • ‘I think much the same could be said for choosing somebody like Joe Whatshisface over the three millionaires currently vying to be our new Ruler.’
    • ‘He didn't look as bothered when professional whatshisface dislocated his shoulder!’
    • ‘People like Lord Whatshisface are very wealthy and are completely outside any law.’
    • ‘She knew full well that whatshisface is a married man with children, so that means hands off.’
    • ‘I think it will stop uncle whatshisface owning a firearm.’
    • ‘Whatsisface barely registered a blip outside of hard-core NASCAR circles.’
    • ‘Rik Whatsisface managed to scrape into later rounds.’
    • ‘Is the whatsisface we traded them for him even still in baseball?’