Meaning of whatsit in English:



informal British
  • A person or thing whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify.

    ‘Let's say two o'clock on the whatsit of May?’
    ‘he's a right old interfering whatsit’
    • ‘She wasn't good enough, quite frankly, but she was one of the active whatsits, there were other pressures behind her, and she caused an uproar.’
    • ‘I struggled out, disturbing the lazy whatsits as little as possible, and yawned my way in the general direction of the unusual sounds.’
    • ‘Do we still need such a thing in the era of consumer sovereignty and multi-channel, digital, interactive whatsits?’
    • ‘The lads have worked their whatsits off and I believe we will get better.’
    • ‘Here are three whatsits from different parts of the country.’
    • ‘I think if I married you for your money, I'd spend your 30,000 whatsits that afternoon and then realize it was all a big mistake.’
    • ‘And what of the recently ended World Cup football whatsit?’
    • ‘I'm sure one of us must know someone important on that lottery whatsit?’
    thing, so-and-so, whatever it is, whatever it is called
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