Meaning of wheat cocky in English:

wheat cocky


informal Australian
  • A farmer whose business is growing wheat.

    ‘you can't expect a wheat cocky to be paying social visits at harvest time’
    • ‘For six days out of seven, he was a wheat cocky.’
    • ‘He was an old wheat cocky from way back.’
    • ‘The wheat cocky interested me because he had been a soldier.’
    • ‘I'm thinkin' it's all over with me as a wheat-cocky.’
    • ‘It's the sort of embarrassment that the maize-grower of Argentina and the Australian wheat-cocky suffers from.’
    • ‘He looked more like the President of a suburban council than a struggling wheat-cocky.’
    • ‘I once worked for a wheat cocky up that way.’
    • ‘A wheat cocky hauled us out with a couple of Clydesdales.’
    • ‘How on earth d'you come to marry a wheat-cocky?’
    • ‘He could not resist another jibe at the lowly wheat cockies.’