Meaning of wheaten in English:



  • 1Made from the grains or flour of wheat.

    ‘a wheaten loaf’
    • ‘Staple foods in Eritrea include kitcha, which is thin and unleavened and prepared from wheaten flour.’
    • ‘There were several newly baked wheaten loaves, and some hen's eggs, broken open and boiled in broth.’
    • ‘The by-product of gluten production, also called non-glutinous flour or wheaten cornstarch.’
    • ‘Baker is another common English name and they were baking leavened wheaten loaves (raised with yeast) in brick ovens 1200 years ago, not so different to our own.’
    • ‘The lower classes drink wheaten beer prepared with honey.’
    • ‘The glossy appearance of wheaten corn flour is from the fact that in ordinary flour the gluten remains undissolved and does not transmit light.’
    1. 1.1Of a colour resembling that of wheat; a pale yellow-beige.
      ‘the coat is wheaten or fawn in colour’
      • ‘She has a beautiful even, harsh coat, dark wheaten in colour and a dear wee head with a good-shaped muzzle.’
      • ‘His wheaten colored hair illuminated his corn blue eyes.’
      beige, straw-coloured, yellowish, yellowish brown, brownish yellow, light brown, pale brown, tan, fawn, sand, sandy, oatmeal, wheaten, biscuit, coffee, coffee-coloured, camel, caramel