Meaning of wheaten terrier in English:

wheaten terrier


  • A terrier of a breed with a soft, wavy pale golden coat.

    • ‘Anthony Brooks's two soft-coated wheaten terriers come bounding across the lawn at Elton Hall, near Ludlow in Herefordshire, their shaggy coats of silky hair rippling in the breeze.’
    • ‘Murphy was a soft-coated wheaten terrier, a feisty lot, and she more than lived up to her Irish clan's reputation.’
    • ‘An 11-week-old soft-coated wheaten terrier, Maggie weighs in at 6 ½ pounds, has reddish-brown fur and a black face, plus a mind that already appears to be processing its own thoughts.’
    • ‘The price included putting her under for the procedure, the cleaning, the removal of five decayed teeth, and the reward of the freshest breath a 13-year-old wheaten terrier could ever hope for.’
    • ‘In fact, our 7-month-old wheaten terrier, Maggie, doesn't seem to have any desire to work at all, as evidenced by her recent performances at her Monday night obedience classes.’
    • ‘Like any wheaten terrier might tell you, there's nothing like a few good whacks on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper to help you refocus your objectives.’
    • ‘You can't blame Azuma's wheaten terrier for resenting the intrusion.’
    • ‘I prefer to think of Murphy, our 13-year-old wheaten terrier, as a free spirit.’