Meaning of wheatgrass in English:



mass noun
  • 1Any of various creeping grasses, especially couch grass.

    • ‘A bluebunch wheatgrass now in the final stages of testing, for example, is the result of crossbreeding parent plants from 25 different sites throughout 6 western states and British Columbia.’
    • ‘In a six-hundred-acre planting project in Ephraim Canyon, he favored a native bromegrass and a native wheatgrass, which had both been collected on the Manti Forest.’
    • ‘The cherry picker went up again, and the lineman looped ropes beneath the nest, a bagel-shaped cup four feet across, woven from cottonwood branches and padded with wheatgrass.’
    • ‘During winter, the heifers grazed dormant crested wheatgrass and were supplemented with wheat middlings and alfalfa hay.’
    • ‘Klement also noticed more expansive areas of crested wheatgrass and yellow sweetclover, with the bright yellow flowers of the clover casting color over some grassy stretches.’
    • ‘Heifers were randomly allocated to all six pastures of Location 2 and two pastures each of wheatgrass and bromegrass at Location 1.’
    • ‘Rice is simpler to investigate because it has fewer genes than many of its wildland cousins, such as crested wheatgrass, wild rye, or Indian ricegrass.’
    • ‘Areas with abundant bluebunch wheatgrass and other native grasses along with scattered threetip sage are preferred breeding habitats.’
    • ‘For cooler areas, perennial fairway wheatgrass is gaining many fans.’
    • ‘One parent contains genes from wheatgrass, a wild relative of wheat.’
  • 2The young shoots of the wheat plant Triticum aestivum, preparations of which are credited with various health-giving properties.

    • ‘Two trays of fresh, growing wheatgrass cost £16.50, including the essential overnight courier delivery charge (£8.50).’
    • ‘One study from the University of Texas Medical Center found the extract of wheatgrass inhibited the cancer-causing effects of two mutagens.’
    • ‘There is no evidence that raw food, much less wheatgrass enemas, have ANY health effects positive or negative.’
    • ‘Actually wheatgrass is said to be one of the most nutritious plants available.’
    • ‘Be sure to include less common foods, such as seaweed, green tea and wheatgrass for their potent and unique nutrient profiles.’
    • ‘Any type of container is suitable for sprouting wheatgrass.’
    • ‘Wheatgrass, or its juice, helps fight many chronic ailments - from simple anaemia to leukaemia, from skin rash to cancer, from worms to ulcers.’
    • ‘Additives can include protein powder, ginger and wheatgrass, an excellent source of energy and nutrients.’
    • ‘By their own admission to police, the couple kept their five children on a strict diet of uncooked organic foods and juices made from wheatgrass, almonds and coconuts.’
    • ‘The salad of curly lettuce was dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette and sprigs of an unusual yellowish stalk, which the knowledgeable waitress informed us was young wheatgrass.’
    • ‘All I exist on are cups of wheatgrass tea and lymphatic drainage treatment.’
    • ‘Eat superfoods: spirulina, bee pollen, live sprouts, aloe vera juice, noni juice, royal jelly, wheatgrass juice.’
    • ‘This is a specialized type of juicer since normal fruit and vegetable juicers will not juice wheatgrass.’
    • ‘Wheatgrass juice is sweet while the juice of barley grass is rather bitter.’
    • ‘Wheatgrass juice has been considered to be a tonic and healing agent for over 60 years.’
    • ‘She speculated that the enzymes found in raw wheatgrass were alive and could "detoxify" the body by oral ingestion and by enemas.’
    • ‘Sprouting your own wheatgrass is extremely easy.’
    • ‘Wheatgrass is believed to be a wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator, helping the body detoxify.’
    • ‘"One ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to more than 2.5 lbs of leafy-green vegetables," screamed the signboard at Juice Zone, a Canadian'juice bar ' franchise at the local mall.’
    • ‘I started with a carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger juice, a shot of wheatgrass, two nectarines, and apple, and a tray of cherries that I still have for later.’