Significado de whee en en inglés


Pronunciación /wiː/


  • Used to express delight, excitement, or exhilaration.

    ‘as the car began to bump down the track he felt a lightening of his spirits—whee!’
    • ‘I say this as someone who loved the little Renault Megane she drove around Ireland for a week - and whee!’
    • ‘So while ‘thinking out of the box’ was ooh, whee!’
    • ‘Or you have to pay someone else to do so, and whee!’
    • ‘I feel rather like I just got off a roller coaster - whee!’
    • ‘I mean, you've been waiting for it since the first episode, and once it finally happens… whee!’
    • ‘Told not to concentrate on my paddle but on my knees, I went over again, and this time, my draw stroke lifted me half way out of the water - whee!’
    • ‘You'll notice that whee! it keeps spinning around madly.’


Natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the 1920s.