Meaning of wheel and axle in English:

wheel and axle


  • A simple lifting machine consisting of a rope which unwinds from a wheel on to a cylindrical drum or shaft joined to the wheel to provide mechanical advantage.

    ‘Since it doesn't know how to guide a locomotive around curves, it has to go - into the Ogden Shops spare parts pool, complete with its wheels and axles, springs and equalizers.’
    • ‘A prudent employer in the position of the defendant should have properly equipped its vehicles for the carrying out of emergency roadside repairs to the wheels and axles of its low loader.’
    • ‘He reappears to announce that about three metres down on the river bed he has discovered a complete bogie - two pairs of wheels and axles - from the train.’
    • ‘Overlanders rattled crosswise over these ruts, breaking wheels and axles and coloring the air with curses.’
    • ‘Which means making things with beams and girders and wheels and axles and pumps and engines a millionth of a millimetre long.’
    • ‘In fact, if you were to turn one over and knock off the wheels and axles, it might look more like a boat than a box.’
    • ‘None of the axle ends had been drilled for a linch pin, showing that the wheels and axles had never been assembled.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards wheels and axles appear, along with levers and wedges from the earliest ploughs.’
    • ‘The motors were fixed securely to the main frames, and the connection to each driven axle was through a flexible ‘Pawelka’ coupling to allow for the essential vertical movement of the wheel and axle box assemblies.’
    • ‘All they need to know is where this wheel and axle will be put together and how many of these have to be put together in a day.’