Meaning of wheel horse in English:

wheel horse


  • 1A horse harnessed nearest the wheels of a vehicle.

    • ‘The first 2 horses popped through the fog, then the next two, then the wheel horses and the wagon.’
    • ‘The wheel horses pull on the doubletree against this hammerpin running through the wagon-tonque.’
    • ‘A three-horse team, hitched as these were with two wheel horses and one leader, is a very hard team to handle.’
    • ‘Scott and Bud - yes, one of the Budweiser Clydesdales is named Bud - were the wheel horses for the Perseus parade.’
    • ‘Each frame customarily carried between three and five bells, those on the lead horses being the smallest, those on the swing horses somewhat larger, and those on the wheel horses the largest.’
    • ‘Stage coaches seldom stopped to chain a wheel, but trusted to the strength of the breast straps of the wheel horses to control the speed in descending a hill.’
    • ‘Frequently, the driver or ‘skinner’ rather than riding on the lead wagon, would, as is Fulkerson in the photo, ride the left wheel horse which would be saddled.’
    • ‘These guys can pull double, or can be the wheel horses in a four-up team.’
    • ‘In 1781, the wheel horses caught a break - or were doomed, depending upon your point of view - when James Watt patented the steam engine.’
    • ‘If the wheel horses are sufficient, the leaders may be unhitched.’
    • ‘Using two new wheel horses and replacements for Lee and Grant at the wheel positions, the caisson team refitted within an hour and 10 minutes - 15 minutes ahead of time for their 3 p.m. mission.’
    • ‘The wheel horses, Joe described, are the largest pair, and bring up the rear.’
    • ‘After the Calgary Stampede's Rangeland Derby last summer, Rae moved one of his wheel horses, Stake Point, onto the left lead, where his grandpa had run the horse before.’
    1. 1.1US A responsible and hard-working person, especially an experienced member of a political party.
      ‘Party wheel horse Kevin Shelley, the secretary of state, has told county elections officials they can take their time in verifying signatures.’
      ‘In reality, they do the bidding of party wheel horses in floating attack ads and underwriting voter turnout drives.’
      hard worker, toiler, workhorse, Stakhanovite, galley slave