Meaning of wheel set in English:

wheel set


  • A pair of wheels attached to an axle.

    • ‘Seconds later the second wheel set also derailed, leaving the nearside wheels of the leading bogey of the driving van trailer running in the gap between the rails, and its offside wheels in the gap between the two railway lines.’
    • ‘The thief behind the wheel set off while his accomplice ran behind him down Whitworth Street West.’
    • ‘The front hub of the wheel set needs to be pulled apart and the axle/bearing contact surfaces lubed every couple hundred miles.’
    • ‘We saw the process of taking a wheel set apart, shaving down the wheel to fit an axle, and the reassembling of the wheel set.’
    • ‘Last week, I mentioned a car that was built in 1922 with independent suspension, a five cylinder radial air-cooled engine and the spare wheel set into the side of the car, in the place where you would expect the rear door.’
    • ‘From a basic kit cost of £9,995, Dan added a limited slip diff, wheel set and a dry sump kit for a total of £11,995.’
    • ‘Incidentally my rotors are new and straight and when I use another wheel set with Hayes rotors.’
    • ‘Sam Smith provided a trailer with a de-mountable tandem wheel set.’
    • ‘The helicopter had only one rear wheel set and the lip of the ramp touching the ridge.’
    • ‘They are also due to invest £20 million to replace 4,086 wheel sets including bearings, axels, wheels gears and motor mounting sleeves to improve reliability.’
    • ‘Early models had steel rail wheel sets along with the rubber tires.’