Meaning of wheel well in English:

wheel well


  • A recess in a vehicle in which a wheel is located.

    ‘the cat fitted perfectly in the wheel well of the pickup truck’
    • ‘To maintain the requisite clearance between the tire and the wheel well required another manufacturing change.’
    • ‘The B - 52's air-conditioning unit is located in the forward wheel well, bolted to the left wall.’
    • ‘In a high-speed offset crash, the wheal engages in a tire catcher structure built into the back of the front wheel well and transfers load into the sill reducing the amount of deformation in the safety cage.’
    • ‘In fact, there's only one exterior panel that's stamped, which is a small panel between the front wheel well and door edge.’
    • ‘One hatch covered the spare wheel well, the other a small storage area.’
    • ‘Once I put on my new rims I loved them, expect for the large gap that I now had in my wheel well.’
    • ‘The source pointed out that the shuttle's liquid oxygen tank is located just in front of the wheel well and behind and beneath the Spacelab module.’
    • ‘He won at Rockingham and was leading the season finale the next week at Homestead until a tire blew and the wheel well caught fire on the last lap.’
    • ‘Hot gas began flowing into the wheel well through vents around landing gear door hinges.’
    • ‘Canadian Neil Johnson, 31, couldn't get a ticket for a Los Angeles to Australia flight so he stripped, ran naked across the tarmac, and jumped into the wheel well of a moving Qantas Airlines jet.’
    • ‘Anyway, I was standing there thinking about the good times, and then I remembered the car had a special anti-cop hidey spot I jerry-rigged by gluing a plastic tube inside of the wheel well.’
    • ‘On Christmas Eve, JFK Airport workers found the body of a man in the wheel well of an American Airlines flight from Jamaica.’
    • ‘We drove on the sidewalk, from the sidewalk which was still up above the wheel well, up to Canal Street, where it was a dry area.’
    • ‘Junior, positioned in the wheel well, uses a hydraulic hand pump to push the metal into the proper alignment.’
    • ‘The wheel well all but disintegrated and the already broken front axle shattered to pieces that fell at odd angles.’
    • ‘Should the gas tank, situated in the spare wheel well, run dry, the switch back to petrol is automatic.’
    • ‘Chrysler's pickup trucks, for example, should look like the old Powerwagons, with big wheel wells, oversized tires and a grill that would stop a rhino.’
    • ‘The 17-in. alloy wheels and all-weather tires fill the wheel wells offering up a smooth ride.’
    • ‘The wheel wells were stuffed with 17-inch wheels and fat tires.’
    • ‘Intrusion of the wheel wells means the pedals have had to be offset towards the centre of the car, putting the accelerator where you'd normally expect the brake pedal to be.’