Meaning of wheelbarrow in English:



  • A small cart with a single wheel at the front and two supporting legs and two handles at the rear, used typically for carrying loads in building work or gardening.

    • ‘When it's time to use it, set the sifter on top of your wheelbarrow or garden cart and shovel some compost into it.’
    • ‘To allow room for a wheelbarrow or garden cart, plan on 2-to 3-foot-wide walkways.’
    • ‘Old gardening boots, wheelbarrows, and toolboxes can make whimsical substitutes for expensive outdoor containers.’
    • ‘Draping them over the handle of her wheelbarrow or on the fence rail keeps the gloves open so air will dry the moisture trapped inside.’
    • ‘Many people had loaded their possessions on to horse-drawn carts; others pushed wheelbarrows or even prams.’
    • ‘Concrete is most easily handled from a wheelbarrow - not the gardener's kind, but the kind used on construction sites, with a deep carrying base and nearly vertical sides.’
    • ‘Choose a site that's level and shady, has good drainage and allows easy access to wheelbarrows, garden paths and hose hookups.’
    • ‘The concrete may be mixed in a wheelbarrow with a garden hoe.’
    • ‘Every few minutes, she bends to retrieve shards of dirt-smeared glass and broken bricks and tiles which she tosses into a wheelbarrow to be carted away.’
    • ‘I put the rake in the shed, emptied the sawdust in the brush in back of the house, and parked the wheelbarrow in front of the steps.’
    • ‘So I parked the wheelbarrow in front of a stall where I could still see the front of the barn and started mucking.’
    • ‘I used hot glue to attach the cutting board to the front edge of the wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘The boxes were heavy, and the mansion so huge that I wished for a cart or a wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘It is common practice to find wheelbarrows loaded with full crates of beer being trundled over the highway at this point.’
    • ‘Silinga said he thought the robbers used the wheelbarrow to carry off their loot as its tracks seemed headed in the direction of nearby Ntshabeni.’
    • ‘His sister carried him in a wheelbarrow to seek medical help - there is no ambulance service here.’
    • ‘Our exercise machines are post-hole diggers, shovels, rakes, push mowers, and wheelbarrows.’
    • ‘They are really being led along by the reader, their inventor, who is never sure whether he will come up with a wheelbarrow or a chariot, the choice of which he wrongly thinks belongs to the author.’
    • ‘Splitting into a wheelbarrow or trailer parked alongside the splitter speeds up the job and reduces operator fatigue, allowing one to work for longer periods of time.’
    • ‘She gathered two stacks of hay into a wheelbarrow and pushed the barrow to the stall that was vacant.’
    handcart, pushcart, trolley, barrow, wheelbarrow