Meaning of wheelbase in English:



  • The distance between the front and rear axles of a vehicle.

    in combination ‘a short-wheelbase model’
    • ‘Another problem with a big truck and a short wheelbase and a single rear axle is the bounce.’
    • ‘Visteon's portable dyno can handle vehicles with wheelbases from 85 to 190 in., though pickups with dual rear wheels are too wide to fit comfortably.’
    • ‘That's 6.1 in. shorter than the previous model, and the wheelbase is reduced by 1.6 in.’
    • ‘Available in three wheelbases and three roof heights, the vehicle I tested was the 3000 mm wheelbase with a cargo capacity of 7.3 [m.sup.3].’
    • ‘The front seats are comfortable and supportive, as are those in the rear, where leg room is surprisingly good for a short wheelbase vehicle.’
    • ‘On-road this thing is a blast, but be careful during the test drive; It's a tall ride on a short wheelbase, and it has lots of power.’
    • ‘Most are panel vans on 3.5m wheelbases although the line-up also includes eight 4m wheelbase models and 10 Traveliner 12-seater minibuses.’
    • ‘In fact, from the 1,500-lb.-rated operating capacity and up, all of the competitor machines have increased their wheelbases to longer wheelbases like the Deere and New Holland models [have].’
    • ‘But we knew that the new platform had to offer the flexibility for different wheelbases and overall widths.’
    • ‘Stretch the wheelbase, increase the width slightly, and there's the replacement for the aging Town Car.’
    • ‘Although new Maxima is shorter than the old model, it has a longer wheelbase.’
    • ‘Although the wheelbases are identical, the hatchback's overall length is 14 ins.’
    • ‘If you think this is no more than a VW Phaeton with twin turbos and a longer wheelbase, you're missing the point.’
    • ‘Its wheelbase, 103.5 in., is greater than the vehicles in the competitive set.’
    • ‘A longer wheelbase permits a more aggressive moldboard angle for a given blade length than a shorter wheelbase does.’
    • ‘Three wheelbases are available - 118-in., 140-in., and 158-in. - as are two roof heights for the shorter versions.’
    • ‘Although they share the same platform, they have unique body structures and different wheelbases.’
    • ‘Smaller than current 3 Series, this new five-door has the longest wheelbase and widest track in its class.’
    • ‘Both the Signum and Vectra station wagon, which is due to market late next year, share the same wheelbase.’
    • ‘A longer wheelbase and wider track helps the car's handling, and also improves interior accommodation.’